Week 1 notes

  1. If your season has just ended, we’re not expecting everyone to start Monday, take a couple of weeks easy / rest then ease back into it
  2. We’d expect everyone to take 2-3 weeks to get into the routine fully, there’s lots of new info so you might take a while to get things right, that’s why we start early
  3. Read every page in the back end of website and ask any questions on Facebook if you’re not sure about how to do the sessions
  4. Fill in the info in your profile page, you may not have test data yet and power profiles etc, so add those as and when
  5. Plan your week, which sessions will be on which days? Ask on FB page if you’re not sure, but write it out on paper, read guidelines first on overview page.
  6. TEST THIS WEEK – Do the 3 minute test for running, you don’t need to do any other tests this week. Needs to be flat and on hard surface, read the notes and watch video and get it done, I don’t care how well you do, just set a benchmark.
  7. CALENDAR PAGE – Big gear turbo session, LIVE 6:30pm Thursday if you want a bit of group motivation, we’ll post the link on the events page and on FB page, you need a zoom account.
  8. CALENDAR PAGE – Saturday morning trail club from the store 8:30am if you want to join a group trail run 90 minutes, 3 groups for ability levels.

  • Take some time to read through everything and write down the timings for your sessions this week and pencil in your route and day for 3 minute test. Watch the video, read the overview and full details for all sessions. Getting started is not physically challenging, it’s a mental hurdle. Planning, reading, understanding, then doing things as instructed, none of these are limited by your physical capabilities. You do not need to smash yourself in the first 8 weeks, but you do need to establish a regular and routine, with a minimum of 2 x Swim / Cycle / Run. Routine is key to consistent training and most of you will mentally feel much better with a structured weekly routine. Just get into the ‘routine’ this week and enjoy the process.

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