Open Water Swimming Sessions

Open water swimming at 3 Sisters has now finished for 2020, we will restart May 2021

There will be 2 swim sessions: Wednesday 7:00-8:00pm and Saturday 8:00-9:30am. You need to register below and on Friday each week we will send you an email at 4pm, with the links to register for each swim the following week.

Social distancing measures we’ll be adopting:

1. The swims will be limited to 100 people (consider that our largest attendance last year was 230).
2. You’ll need to pay in advance online to book your slot, so there’s no registration or payment on night.
3. Briefing will be online, not on the night.
4. No spectators are allowed to come, it’s strictly swimmers only. The only exception is youngsters who wish to swim, may need 1 parent to drive them and this will be allowed.
5. We will not be running coached groups, we will simply be swimming laps of the lake and will give you some ideas for sessions / distances you can swim.
6. We may take a little more time to get everyone into the water, so please be patient.

*The lake is 1250m for a single loop, giving 12.5m distancing per person and you have more than enough space to pass 10m to the left or right.
*We will not be doing wetsuit hire at the venue, you will need your own suit.
*The cost will be £6 for all swimmers.

If you’d like to receive the link to book sessions, please ensure that you have registered for this year by following the link further above. If you’re not sure if you’ve registered, simply do it again.