VO2 Max & Lactate Testing Combined

You can book an individual VO2 or Lactate test for £60 from the menu above. If you wish to do both tests, you can opt for a combined protocol for £90. The fee includes a 1 hour testing session, a post-test coaching consultation and training guidance.

You can read in full details about both VO2 and lactate testing protocols by selecting either test from our menu above. The combined test includes both lactate and VO2 in the same session. It is a slightly different protocol, but gives you more data and a more thorough assessment.

How much does a VO2 Max & Lactate test cost?

The full cost for VO2 max testing and Lactate combined is £90. The session will last approximately 1 hour. Following that, we’ll discuss your results and explain full how to alter you training schedule, based upon your goals.

How do I book a test?

Email testing@theendurancecoach.com to arrange an appointment, then secure your booking by using the link below.

VO2 Max & Lactate Combined

Email us to arrange a suitable time and date for your testing session, then pay below to secure your appointment.